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Kitesurf & Business

Why kitesurfing is becoming the businessman sport?

Kitesurfing Benefits for Business

You may be surprised to meet individuals who are on their stable businesses in a kitesurfing school. This sport is not only for the hippie nomad but for people with the usual grind in their daily lives in businesses.

How can you benefit from kitesurfing? First, it improves mental health. With all the physical strength the sport demand, this is one of the best workouts you will get. No wonder kitesurfers are one of the fittest people around.

Physical strength and improvement directly affects your mental health. This explains why the most successful people follow regular exercise routines. Kitesurfing improves your concentration, boosting their power to tackle multiple tasks at once, as balancing, keeping the kite flying and other stuff are needed from this sport.

The sport also helps you increase your reflexes and how you react. How to react to waves and changing winds during kitesurfing will help you be better when it comes to decision making as well as handle urgent and critical business situations.

Like other physical activities, kitesurfing help you manage your stress. Less stress and you feel more productive in your business. Your mood is great in meeting new clients and the quick escape keeps your enthusiasm for your business alive.

Kitesurfing Benefits for Your Life

All benefits of this watersports will come down to the fact that it will make your life more awesome and at peace. From minimizing and relieving stress to all the physical and mental benefits, you will become a better version of yourself.

The sport will let you meet new people, thus improving your social life. We love spending alone time but we can’t resist meeting and hanging out with people who share the same passion and interests as you.

Lastly, kitesurfing makes you more aware of nature. As you look for waves, you will become more conscious to the environment. You will also build compassion towards locals in the areas.

Kitesurfing goes beyond enjoying extreme watersports while on a holiday or having a great workout. Knowing all the benefits to your career and life will give you more reasons to try out kitesurfing.

Bye Bye golf, hello Kitesurf

Known as the number 1 sport of the big bosses, golf is experiencing a significant drop in attendance by the leaders travelers.

The cause ? Certainly Kitesurfing!

Indeed, beyond its extreme aspects, Kitesurfing is increasingly a place for networking. Simpler than surfing or windsurfing, and without possibility of using his Smartphone, kitesurfing is the ideal sport to unwind and let off steam at 100%. A real bargain when you know the rhythm of a startuppeur for example!

A Kitesurf session , then a hammock or sunbed session on the beach: the idyllic setting to expand its address book!

Here's the new phenomenon: Beach Business.

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