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Y oga

Women practicing yoga


All year

Brazil is the promise of immaculate beaches, gentle discoveries, sunshine but also green landscapes, serenity and peace.

If you are looking for rejuvenation, this trip is for you!





7 nights - 8 days




  • Accommodation in a double room,

  • 4 dinners at Castelo Vendom,

  • Appetizers every evening at Castelo: 1 Caipirinha and appetizers,

  • Introduction to Yoga: 1 hour each morning

  • 3 hours of shiatsu massage and relaxation

  • The daily AR buggy transfer on the spot

  • 1 day discovery of beaches by buggy

  • AR transfer for a free dinner at Canoa Quebrada,

  • AR transfer from and to Fortaleza Airport


Base two people per room


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All year

It is your host, Delphine, who will provide you with this initiation which calls upon several techniques: yoga, stretching, osteopathy and muscle building.

The program she offers you each morning is based on the idea that to start the day well, body and mind must merge in order to calmly approach the hours that follow.

Modern life, pollution, stress tend to quickly dissociate our mind from our physique by creating many internal tensions.

Delphine, during this week, will help you make or reconnect with your inner peace while untying your body. For those who practice a sport, this initiation will make you understand the importance of a good amplitude and therefore the minimum flexibility necessary to perform the movements dedicated to your sport.

You will therefore work on extensions and movements that will allow you to untie your joints, muscles, tendons and fascias.

The work on breathing, concentration and meditation will also be discussed in order to let you go and purify your mind.

If you have some weight gain concerns, this week will help you regain the sensations of a dynamic body and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle in sports in order to regain your body balance.

This practice will also improve your resistance to diseases thanks to yoga postures, the activation of certain muscles, the massage of internal organs, the improvement of your blood circulation and the work on breathing.


Close to Hatha Yoga it is a soft, harmonious yogic form which has a relatively slow rhythm and which emphasizes simple postures whose passage from one to the other is carried out in a comfortable way.

Hatha is the most suitable style for beginners.

It will therefore be a gentle program that will flow at the end of the session on muscle building in order to start the day dynamically.


Delphine does not place herself as a professional but as a guide and accompanist on simple and safe exercises that she does herself every morning. You will therefore accompany him in some ways in his daily routine.


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