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Le Castelo Vendom

Le Castelo Vendom

driftwood sculpture



Delphine welcomes you to her artistic and ecological universe.


Former curator in France, she shares her tastes for art, crafts and local simplicity with you. A carnauba leaf turns into a work, a driftwood into a sculpture ...

You will also find many works of art in the rooms: paintings and photos naturally come to take their place at the Castelo Vendom.


Her passion for creation is found in the kitchen that she composes for you from Sunday to Thursday during dinners that bring together all of the guests present: a way to share your day and meet new people.
You will also discover her concern for ecology through multiple small actions that she puts into practice in Castelo but also in the village.


A lush and soothing atmosphere

The Castelo Vendom is above all a guest house where you will be received and accompanied like friends. It is also the opportunity to take advantage of our knowledge of the region, its activities and little secrets.

If the four-star hotels, the impersonal places and receptions that you can find anywhere or elsewhere do not attract you, come here to immerse yourself in authenticity!

A VIP welcome for guests looking for a different holiday close to people and their environment !

yoga and meditation castelo vendom
yoga pose


Guests are invited to respect the furniture, linen provided and personal effects of the ecolodge.
The animals at Castelo are mostly wild, so we ask you not to approach them too closely.
If unfortunately you were to break or damage the equipment made available to you or lose it,  we would be obliged to ask you for the replacement price.
In order to keep the place zen, cars should stay in designated parking areas and not overrun the garden.

Customers must also respect other customers and neighbors: You are therefore not allowed to put on music, shout or make a fuss.
It is not possible to bring food or drinks from outside the Castelo or even to use the kitchen.

Smoking is allowed but only in the garden.

Thank you for your understanding.

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