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well-being stay

Swedish massage


All year

Perched on the roof, a small, peaceful cabin fitted out as a massage and treatment room welcomes you for a one-hour session of total relaxation.


Marilac, our masseuse knows how to find your points of tension wonderfully and will work in shiatsu before continuing on a deep relaxation of all your muscles.


An hour of complete happiness awaits you!


Beyond the pleasure and relaxation it provides at the time, massage has curative properties, short and long term, undisputed.

Some maneuvers reduce joint stiffness and chronic neuromuscular pain, soothe headaches and digestive disorders , stimulate the immune system and blood, lymphatic circulation and benefit the hormonal system.

Once released from the tensions that assail it, the body is more able to defend itself, in particular to better resist stress.

Specific deep-touch receptors located in the dermis send nerve impulses to the spinal cord, which routes them to the brain.

It begins to produce large amounts of dopamine, serotonin and endorphin, the cerebral hormones of relief and pleasure that immediately spread throughout the body through the bloodstream.


Stretching the muscles, mobilizing the joints, kneading the painful points is the oldest art of healing. Being massaged is taking care of yourself but also better resisting the stress triggering pathologies.



Before and after surgery


All year

We are fortunate at Castelo Vendom to have an incredible machine that aims to boost your collagen capital.


The skin mainly needs collagen to maintain its shape and be firm and elastic.

With age, this capital decreases and the first fine lines appear.

The contour of the face relaxes and the hollow of the eyes is formed.


Ultra therapy uses ultra sounds that will boost the collagen of the different layers of the face: the membrane that supports the shape of your face, the dermis and the epidermis.


By working on these 3 layers, the ultra sounds will in the space of a session restore tone and firmness to your face.


Depending on your age, your face will either receive an incredible radiance boost, or rejuvenate up to 5 years of age.


The results are immediate and the treatment will continue for the 3 months following the session to make you gain a little more radiance every day.

These benefits are lasting between 1 and 3 years, depending on your age.


It is good to start around 35 when your collagen is still in great shape to boost it before it loses strength. So you keep it at its highest point.


Ultra therapy is also the possibility of losing your extra pounds and melting your cellulite. In three sessions, already an immediate result, then a fat loss that will continue the following month.





Natural Soap and Flowers


from January to May

In our concern to do us and you good, we realize in an ecological and biological way a certain number of products.

For your massages, we use coconut oil made by the women of the village.

We make our own soap with olive, cotton and coconut oil. They ensure you a lot of softness and can be used in shampoo and on the face.

We also do our solid shampoos and laundry.  

We also make deodorants and care creams.

In your bathroom, you will also find a vegetable sponge for your scrubs and an organic cotton disc made of crochet to gently cleanse your face.

In addition to body care, we take care of your inner health:

The jams are homemade with garden or local fruit.

The bread is made on site with organic yeast, it arrives fresh in the morning on your breakfast table.

Homemade ice creams with fruits from the garden are available all year round to refresh you.

We also make our own fruit liqueurs as well as our vegetable sauces that accompany the pao de queijo that Maria prepares for your aperitifs.

You have the opportunity to participate in workshops that we organize at Castelo Vendom in order to learn all its techniques.

They are given between the month of February and the month of May each year.



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