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from 590 € to 1450 €

Depending on the season or when you book your ticket, airfares can be very variable.
We advise you to book your flights at least 3 months in advance and on weekdays, never during weekends, so that I do your research on different IP addresses.

The airport is Fortaleza Pinto de Mares.

Your flights from France arrive between 4 p.m. and 9:10 p.m.






from 45€/day/ R$250

The buggy is the most suitable mode of transport to pass on all coastal paths. Sand, holes and puddles, but also asphalt are the friends of the buggy.

Very flexible and practical, they offer a hair driving in the wind!

We have two buggies, one of which we rent. Perfectly maintained, it will allow you to move around the village, towards the kite spot and not far from Parajuru.

Even if they are easily repairable, they are rather fragile machines given the extreme conditions to which they are subjected.

It is therefore recommended not to stray too far.



from 65€/ R$350 the aisle   from the airport

We organize your transfers from the airport or other spots.

We work with drivers whom we know and whom we are sure of. They know the route perfectly and where we are.

As you arrive at night, it is rather advisable to travel with people who know the sector.

Our drivers are also entitled to receive boardbags and all have legal papers for
to work.

They are waiting for you at the exit of your flights with a Castelo Vendom sign. They can also call us if needed.

You can also ask them where to withdraw money or exchange money. They will be happy to accompany you.

Even if Uber operates in Fortaleza, they are not allowed to leave the city. Taxis at the exit of the airport do not necessarily know Parajuru and are often at the end of their services by the time you arrive.

In short, we make every effort to ensure you maximum comfort and security even before your arrival.




We provide two bikes for our guests free of charge at the Castelo Vendom. You can use them taking care to walk around the village.



from 24€/day/ R$130

It is possible to rent a car directly by booking online on the various rental sites. Offices and cars are located outside the airport a few kilometers away. In principle, a shuttle travels. Check with your rental company this provision.

However, be aware that these rental companies do not own customer service. Their customer center located in Sao Paulo. Their service will therefore only be in Portuguese and on the phone in case of problems. We therefore recommend that you arm yourself with a lot of patience and a perfect Portuguese to negotiate the slightest problem.

We therefore recommend that you rather rent from small rental companies on Fortaleza.

If it is only to stay near Parajuru, we have a rental company nearby that can do this for you.

Driving at night after a long flight in an unknown country is not always the best idea.



from 10 €

The most economical form of travel.

The Sao Tome station in Fortaleza offers departures to Parajuru several times a day. An airport shuttle takes you there

The last departures from the station are at 7 p.m.

Between the different villages, there are also buses that make shuttles.

They do not really have fixed schedules and spend approximately every 3 / 4h. However, they have the merit of being very cheap.


Around 2 €, for example for the Parajuru-Aracati journey.

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