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A small family-sized team where ties are strong, consolidated by a lot of listening, sharing and mutual aid.

Maria, Elias and Marcelo are from the same family, Delphine and Philippe are in love. Animals share our daily life ...

We chose to learn together and grow together.

delphine owner castelo vendom



Based in Parajuru since 2013, she is the initiator and designer of the Castelo Vendom Ecolodge project.

Delphine has built her little paradise and has managed its operations and activities around the Castelo Vendom since its creation.

It is she who receives you and organizes your vacation in her little paradise.

maria penha

General services


Maria has been working at Castelo Vendom since 2016. Trained by Delphine, she takes care of the cleanliness of the premises and helps in the preparation of your meals.

She will delight you by concocting her
Brazilian specialties for breakfast and the famous Pao de Queijo.


General services


Elias joined the team in October 2019.

Lively and enthusiastic, his energy gives the Castelo a new freshness while smiles and lightness.


He accompanies Maria and Marcelo in all house and garden work.

lili the turtle

Salad eater


Lili joined us in October 2019, recovered hungry and very fearful following a dog attack, she is now very comfortable with her environment at Castelo Vendom. Already a mom, she runs everywhere or hides to sleep in a corner of the wall.

Crazy about salads and tomatoes, she also enjoys Titine's croquettes and caresses!




Since August 2019, Philippe has been the wild friend of your vacation and can you
support in your activities.

Available at shared times, it is the little extra that enlivens your evenings and your days. He does not work for Castelo Vendom, but lives there and participates in a good general mood.


General services


Marcelo has been working since 2015 at Castelo Vendom.

Trained on the job, he mainly deals garden, small house work and pool and buggy maintenance.


He is the one who pampers the fruit trees and the vegetable garden in order to offer you garden products.

tickle the cat

Hugs Distributor


Titine arrived at Castelo in February 2017, first of all very wild, today it is a real cuddle box. She will also accompany you in the morning in your yoga session.

Present but discreet, it does not fit in the rooms but squats the sofas at will.

Leonne the iguana

Demanding bather


Recovered from the side of the road in 2016 in a dirty state. Restored by a spa therapy in the pool.


You will find him regularly, near the swimming pool or in it basking or taking his bath.


A chemical-free freshwater addict!



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