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It is now possible to travel to Brazil from France

The new conditions for travel to and from Brazil from July 17, 2021

Main novelties in the direction France-Brazil-France:


  • The vaccination schedule is considered complete 28 days after administration of a dose for Janssen vaccine and 7 days after administration of a second dose for other vaccines (Pfizer / Comirnaty, Moderna, AstraZeneca / Vaxzevria / Covishield) .

  • If you are vaccinated, you only need to present proof of vaccination status and a declaration of honor that you have no symptoms of covid-19 infection and no contact with a confirmed case of covid-19.

  • You are no longer subject to the regime of compelling reasons to enter or leave metropolitan territory.

  • There is no longer a PCR test on departure and arrival from France, nor voluntary or supervised isolation.

However, a PCR test on arrival in Brazil is always required, as well as a health declaration, the form of which you can find here

2- For those NOT VACCINATED or vaccinated with a vaccine NOT RECOGNIZED in the EU from France and direct flight to Brazil.

You will have to present to the transport company and to the control authorities at the French border

  • a negative PCR or nasopharyngeal antigen test less than 48 hours before departure (departure of the first flight in the event of a connecting trip). Children under 12 are exempt from testing. Rapid serological test, serological test, serology, detection of antibodies, antibodies and IgG / IgM are not accepted.

  • You will be subject to a quarantine or isolation measure which will be pronounced by prefectural decree upon your arrival in mainland France for a period of ten days, which will be accompanied by a restriction on the times for leaving the place of isolation (from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.) (except in the case of transit in an international zone):

  • a declaration of honor attesting to the absence of symptoms of covid-19 infection and contact with a confirmed case of covid-19;

  • a commitment on the honor to undergo the antigen test or the biological examination which will be carried out on arrival in mainland France;

  • proof of the address of the home or of a suitable accommodation (hotel or similar), specifying, where applicable, the access procedures allowing control officers to verify compliance with the quarantine measure or isolation, except in the event of isolation in a place of accommodation provided by the administration (territorial isolation support cells have been set up to support people placed in isolation) or transit in international area.

  • A PCR test on the 9th day of quarantine (the CNAM will contact you on this subject) and the possibility of going out between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.

3 / For those not vaccinated wishing to travel to Brazil without going through a direct flight

Some stopovers in Europe do not yet call for the vaccine, or imperative reason to be able to enter and leave their territory towards Brazil. For this, only the condition of remaining in the transit zone is required.

However, a PCR or anti-gene test lasting less than 24 hours is required.

Tip: take two separate plane tickets France-stopover, then stopover-Brazil and two boarding passes.

You can also wait a few more months, the time for the political and health crisis to calm down and come in November for the coaching of Charles Brodel, for example ;-)

Find all the measures on this link

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