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Beginner Kitesurfing Courses in Parajuru, Brazil

Dreaming of taking kitesurfing lessons in an idyllic setting?

Join us at Castelo Vendom on Parajuru's lagoon for unforgettable kitesurfing classes!

lagon de parajuru ceara brésil, spot de kitesurf et cours de kitesurf

Perfect conditions for learning and progressing:

  • Smooth and shallow water, ideal for beginners and reassuring for advanced riders.

  • Moderate and consistent wind for smooth and enjoyable navigation.

  • You'll have feet everywhere, ensuring safe practice.

  • Warm water and radiant sun make each session more delightful.

  • Immaculate white sand adds a touch of paradise to the experience.

Individual lessons tailored to your pace:

aulas de yoga e de kitesurf Parajuru Brasil Castelo Vendom

Our passionate and experienced instructor specializes in kitesurfing instruction, focusing on safety, navigation rules, and mastering the kite in all conditions. The goal is to give autonomy and confidence to students. We'll guide you carefully from basics to mastery, offering a personalized experience.

Affordable rates:

We believe kitesurfing should be accessible to all. Our competitive prices allow you to enjoy this incredible adventure without breaking the bank.

Eight hours of private lessons: 390€

Reduced rates for up to 16 hours of progressive courses.

A complete experience:

yoga and kitesurf courses Parajuru Brazil Castelo Vendom

In addition to kitesurfing lessons, start your day with yoga and muscle strengthening sessions and end the evening with relaxing massages. Semi-gourmet meals and carefully prepared breakfasts will delight you. Enjoy the peaceful and tropical environment of Castelo Vendom for an unforgettable stay.

tropical garden in Brazil, Parajuru Castelo Vendom

Don't miss the opportunity to experience exceptional kitesurfing at Castelo Vendom on the magnificent lagoon of Parajuru.

Book now and embark on a journey of fun, joy, and progression!

For more information and reservations, contact us:

Tel: +55 85 999616868


Subject: Beginner Kitesurfing Courses in Parajuru, Brazil


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